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A Worldwide Phenomenon


34.3% of Belgian teenagers have been bullied through the Internet or cellular devices
European Commission Survey, Nov. 2009.


52% of Polish Internet users aged 12-17 have been exposed to abuse on the Web or via mobile phones
European Commission Survey, Nov. 2009.


14.1% of students also experience the kinds of incidents (harassment, denigration, outing & trickery and exclusion) that constitute cyberbullying
Cyberbullying in Germany, Psychology Science Quarterly, 2009.


Ten percent of high school students said they have been harassed through e-mails, websites or blogs
Survey by the Hyogo Prefectual Board of Education, 2007 (Citied in Reuters article).


Between 25% and 29% of all teenagers have been bullied via their mobile phone or the internet over the past year
University of Valencia (UV), 2010.

South Korea:

A survey of 272 students at four South Korean universities found that three-fourths knew a victim of cyber bullying and more than half knew a cyber bully.
University of South Florida, 2010.