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Cyberbullying Prevention

If our community is to continue making efforts towards ending cyberbullying, it is important that teens, parents, educators, schools, and others take the time to educate themselves about cyberbullying, the ramifications of cyberbullying, and effective preventative measures. There are tangible and practical actions and efforts that everyone can take against cyberbullying. With the knowledge you acquire, you must be ready to share it with those around you.

Prevention for Teens

  • How to prevent cyberbullying
  • What to do if you are a cyberbullying victim
  • What to do if you are a cyberbully
  • What to do if you witness cyberbullying
  • Teen cyberbullying prevention FAQ

Prevention for Parents

Prevention for Educators

  • Teachers/Professors
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Administrators
  • Schools/Universities
  • Educator CyberBullying Prevention FAQ

Prevention for Adults

  • How to prevent cyber harassment or stalking
  • What to do if you are being cyber harassed or stalked
  • What to do if you witness cyber harassment or stalking
  • Adult Cyber Harassment/Stalking FAQ