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Meet our TEAM

None of this could have been possible without the aid and assistance of our team. Currently, our dynamic team includes students, faculty members, various organizations, and valuable sponsors.

We constantly work together to create a better tomorrow for individuals all around the world. Earnest and devoted, we can give a voice to those who cannot.

Samuel Lam End Cyberbullying Organization

Samuel Lam
Co-Founder & President
“This movement has to stem from the community, from us. If we can inspire change from below, that is how we are ultimately going to put an end to this.”

David Zhao (President of End to Cyber Bullying Organization)

David Zhao
Co-Founder & President
“There is no better time than now to make a positive change in the world”

Noah Salzman
Vice President (Client Communication)
“We must effectively silence the voices of the bullies, and we must fervently amplify the voices of the victims.”

Olivia Novick

Olivia Novick
Vice President (Volunteering)
“Cyber bullying grows in the safety of anonymity. We must bring to light these issues so that bullies are held accountable for their actions and victims can find support and strength in the community”

Alexa Aseel-Fine
Vice President

Matthew Lesser
Vice President (Finance)
“Social networking may seem to be the best technological innovation of the 21’st century, but cyberbullying is a growing problem that has gone unaddressed in society.”

Ashley Warman
Vice President (Philanthropy)
“Accept no one else’s definition of your life but your own.”

Asha Job
Vice President (Development)
“We must give a voice to those that have been bullied into silence.”

Michelle Wilner
Vice President (Event Management)
“Cyber-bullying – it is something that is evolving through social networking, it is something that is detrimental to all who are affected, and it is something that needs to be suppressed.”

Remy Park - Regional Executive of Asia

Remy Park
Regional Executive of Asia
“Let your past make you better not bitter”

Christian Gerazounis (Head of Marketing Department

Christian Gerazounis
Head of Marketing Department
“We are all responsible for our actions, so be a part of the solution, not the problem. We have to realize that technology is power, but it is how we use it that will ultimately define us.”

Tae Hoon Kim

Tae Hoon Kim 
Operations Manager
“There is good in everyone. We just have to acquire it.”

Rubbani Singh (Photo Editor of End to Cyber Bullying Organization)

Rubbani Singh
Photographer & Photo Editor
“The joy of helping others overcome their problems is the best gift of philanthropy. There is no greater feeling than knowing the little things you do and the effort you’re putting in is going to help so many out there.”