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Jericho Public Library
Jericho Public Library
Jericho Public Library

United States

Event Name: FWD The Message
Time: December 19, 2011

Teenagers spend hours on social networking sites daily, but these hours can often be used in a negative light. It is time to pay it forward in a positive light.

Post the following as your status on any social network of your choice and help us raise awareness about cyber bullying!

“I spend (Insert Birth Date/Ex: 5/23 -> 523) minutes on FaceBook everyday!

Do you?

Post this as your status to fight against cyber bullying.


It is something that is destructing our society. It is something that affects teenagers internationally. It is Cyber Bullying. Cell phones, computers, social networking – all of these weapons can be detrimental if their powers are abused. The simple action of pressing “send” can turn into a complex obstacle that can destruct peoples lives.

Want to fight cyber bullying with us?
Looking to help out the cause to a further extent? Join the End to Cyber Bullying Organization as a volunteer!

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