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Teens React to Amanda Todd’s Chilling Cyber Bullying Video

The Fine Bros recently posted a video on their YouTube channel showing teens’ reactions to the suicide of Amanda Todd. Most of the teens had already seen the haunting video that the Canadian teen posted to YouTube in early September, which documented her personal struggle with bullying and how it made her switch schools and drove her towards drugs, alcohol, and suicide attempts.

The episode runs for almost 15 minutes, making it one of the longest entries in The Fine Bros’ React series. Throughout the course of the video, each teen gives his or her perspective on bullying and talks about past instances where he or she has been a target. “Somebody could’ve stood up for her—I would have stood up for her,” said Rumor, 17, who was choked up by Todd’s video and had dealt with her share of bullying. The Emmy Award-winning producers of the Fine Bros producers, Benny and Rafi Fine, hope this video will continue to provoke discussion about the worldwide cyber bullying epidemic.

“It is difficult to see so much pain from so many people, but also inspiring to see so many saying that this episode helped them with their own thoughts of depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. and being inspired by it to take action against bullying in their own lives and the people around them,” said the Fine brothers.

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