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What Negative Effects May Occur as a Result of Cyberbullying?

Although one might not realize it, there are more consequences (negative ones) that result from cyberbullying than meets the eye. Many victims feel depressed, sad, angry, and frustrated. They may feel so due to the fact that they are being “singled out” for treatment they didn’t deserve. They may feel so due to the fact that they cannot get help without more torture from fellow peers. They may feel so due to the fact that they could be having other stressors that this new cyberbullying is adding to.

Cyberbully might not only be adding to stressors existent in the lives of teens and adults. They might as well be creating more stressors. Research has revealed that cyberbullying is linked to low self-esteem, family problems, academic problems, school violence, and delinquent behavior. Many of these issues can stem from the emotional effects of cyberbullying.

Eventually, all of these issues can overwhelm someone. Who can stand all of that stress? The ultimate price is paid by both the individual victim and his/her family and friends when that individual tragically ends up taking his/her own life.

Although one might only see the consequences of cyberbullying as an emotional one with no other problems and that “there isn’t too big of a problem” or “words can’t hurt you,” there is something deeper. Everything is caused in a chain reaction. Everything is cause and effect and the effects of cyberbully occurs in a negative chain reaction if left unchecked.