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Where Does Cyberbullying Commonly Occur?

Cyberbullying, unlike “traditional” bullying, doesn’t just occur in the park or just outside of school. It occurs in a variety of venues and mediums in cyberspace and it occurs most often where teenagers congregate.

As anyone, it is important to realize where cyberbullying occurs, since you can be there to either prevent it or take action if you see it occur.

Back when many teenagers hung out in chat rooms, most of the cyberbullying reported took place in chat rooms. With the more recent changes in technology, the youth population has been drawn to social networking sites, like Facebook, and video sharing sites, like YouTube. As a result, there has been an increase in reports of cyberbullying on social networking sites and video sharing sites. In addition, instant messaging and texting appear to be common ways in which youth are harassing others.

Even newer than social networking, video sharing, texting and instant messaging is the appearance of cyberbullying in portable gaming devices, in 3-D virtual worlds and social gaming sites, and in newer interactive sites such as Formspring and ChatRoulette.